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  • Tributes to Gordon

    Gordon Higginson in 1940s - photo courtesy of Gillian Higginson Plant
    Gordon Higginson

    Tony Stockwell
    "I was fortunate enough to see Gordon demonstrate on a number of occasions, and his Mediumship was truly outstanding. He worked with such love and respect for the Spirit World, you watched in awe and wonder and couldn't fail to be moved.

    I remember going to the Arthur Findlay College as a shy young developing medium being welcomed at the door with a handshake and smile, and it's this fact that he was so personable combined with the fabulous work he did that made him so special, and such an ambassador. Over the years, certain people come along who have such an impact on others; you just know they were sent here with a mission. Gordon was one of these special people. He pushed the boundaries of Mediumship to new heights, making us all want to be better workers for those in the other world. He was a true inspiration. If I achieve only half has much in my life as he did I shall be pleased.

    Today, some years after his return home Spiritualism still feels the impact of his loss, and he will always be remembered with great respect and love."

    Tony Stockwell.

    Craig Hamilton Parker
    "I feel that modern mediums can look to Gordon Higginson's legacy as a lone star to inspire us forward. Not only did Gordon demonstrate some of the most accurate mediumship in modern times but set a wonderful example of how to behave as a medium. Despite being the president of the SNU for God knows how long he remained a modest man and retained a wonderful sense of humour with a captivating stage presence. I attended a number of his mediumistic development workshops when I was first starting out as a medium and his methodology and techniques of presenting mediumship properly continue to influence the way I work today."

    Kindest regards
    Craig Hamilton-Parker

    Keith Charles
    I have the utmost respect and admiration for a real gentleman and spiritualist Gordon Higginson. I met the man I call "The King" (of mediums) through Derek Robinson, Derek was a great friend, promoter and founder member of L.A.D Promotions with Gordon and Doris Stokes.

    "If I had to direct anyone to a mentor for Mediums it would be Gordon Higginson. He was a fantastic medium, a gentleman in every sense of the word, and someone whom I am glad to say was a friend. His presentation of mediumship and accuracy I have not seen in any medium past or present. He truly believed in giving survival evidence and he was often disappointed by the standard of mediumship. I had the privilege of working alongside Gordon at his invitation at theatres throughout the UK. He was a man whom knew his Spiritulism and Mediumship and I learned so much from him. A man of principle, I doubt if we shall see his like again, nor his equal. I always refer to Gordon as 'the King' and often mention him at Churches and workshops that I conduct. He has left a remarkable impression upon me and i am so glad to have had his input into my spiritual career."

    Derek Robinson - of LAD Promotions and Wimbledon Spiritualist Church
    LAD Promotions was founded 1982 by Derek Robinson, Doris Stokes and Gordon Higginson. Our aim is to promote the knowledge of Survival After Death.

    My Tribute is simple...

    He was the king..the greatest of all.
    Love & light

    Derek Robinson