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  • Gordon Higginson

    Gordon Higginson at Wembley - photo courtesy of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship
    Gordon Higginson during the SNU centenary celebration at the Wembley Conference Centre in 1990.

    Gordon was Fanny Higginson's youngest child and the only one to follow in her footsteps.

    Gordon began sitting for spirit at the age of three but was only permitted to communicate with members of his mother's circle when he was ten years old. At twelve years of age Gordon worked with other mediums in some of the largest halls in the country and became very well known. He travelled the world demonstrating his gift, but when at home always appeared at Longtonn Spiritualist Church. Services were inevitably packed when Gordon appeared.

    Stansted Hall in Essex was giften to the Spiritualist movement by Arthur Findlay (and is now known as the Arthur Findlay College). Stansted Hall became Gordon's spiritual home and he was President of the National Spiritualists Union from 1970 - 1993.

    Gordon encouraged and guided many people towards becoming Spiritualist mediums and demonstrators. To this day his name is renowned amongst Spiritualist circles.